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Our Future Home

It is an exciting time in the life of the St. John Divine Community as we embark on this new chapter in the fulfillment of God’s vision for the future of this parish. Our journey will be a community effort and the family of St. John the Divine is ready, able and willing to honor God by building up His new Home in Jacksonville on the site of our 20-acre Beach Boulevard property.

May 7, 2017 Update

We are so excited to share the current status of the St. John the Divine Building Program. The SJTD Millennium Building Committee has put together an amazing team which includes design architect, Stephen Papadatos (of Papadatos Partnership LLP, New York, NY);  our Owner’s Representatives, Patrick Gaccetta and Tom Reynolds (of CMS Group, LLC); along with our Design/Build Contractor, Sauer Incorporated and their architect, Erik Kasper (of Kasper Architect). The Project Team has now developed a preliminary design for of our new Beach Boulevard Church campus.

The preliminary design was created based on the needs identified from a recent survey of all of the ministries and organizations at SJTD. This initial design is a glance at what is possible for the future of our parish. The Project Team wanted to see what the space requirements and the campus lay-out could look like to support our ministries and desired church life at our new home. The Building Committee will now meet to discuss the initial design and how it fits into what our Community desires in our new Church home, as well as the financial aptitude required to afford these needs. The design will be reviewed and revised as appropriate to determine the ultimate design that is in the overall best interest of our parish. The Building Committee will provide their recommended Church campus design for approval to first the Parish Council and then to the Community in a Parish General Assembly.

The Capital Campaign committee continues to solicit additional funding to support our building plan. It will take the financial support of our entire Church family to make this vision become a reality. It is on ALL of us to glorify God by making His church and our new Church campus one that will meet the needs of our ministries today and into the future. If you haven’t made a financial commitment to perpetuate our faith in Jacksonville, Florida, do so today. No gift is too small! Do your part as a member of our parish to contribute the additional funds needed to make our dreams a reality. This is our chance to build what is needed to provide necessary ministries for the benefit of our community. This is also our chance to glorify God with a new church campus that will house His children for the next 100 years.

If you did not give previously, if you are new to the Church since the initial Capital Campaign more than six years ago, or if you are in a position to give additional gifts over and above what you so graciously gave in the past, please do so. To obtain a pledge card contact either the Church Office, Athena Mann at , Steve Bacalis at , Paul Kotos at , Father Nicholas, or Father Milton. We need everyone, each according to their ability and capacity, to make a financial commitment to our new church campus so we can build the necessary facilities to support the current and future generations of Orthodox Christians.

July 2015 Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We have established the following pledge collection goals in order to support our building plan schedule:

2015 GOAL: $3.5 million

2016 GOAL: $4.2 million

In order to achieve these goals, everyone must make payments towards the fulfillment of their pledge. If you are current in your payments, we thank you. If you are behind, we ask that you make every effort to “catch up” so that we as a Community can achieve these goals. Statements were provided in June to all who have not completed their pledge. We need to collect an additional $834,000 by the end of the year to reach our 2015 collection goal of $3.5 million. Meeting our annual collection goals will allow us to remain on schedule with the current building plan.

It continues to be our goal to have 100% Community participation in our Capital Campaign. If you have not yet made a pledge either because you are new to the community or for whatever reason, it is not too late!! We would love to share with you the plans for our beautiful new worship facility. We continue to strive to raise additional funds to minimize or eliminate the need for a loan to build. So, we encourage everyone to make a pledge to our Capital Campaign, or increase your pledge/make an additional contribution if you are in a position to do so. Pledge cards are available at Church or you can contact Father Nicholas, Father Milton, Sharon Gutteridge, Athena Mann at or (904) 563-1786, or Steve Bacalis or (904) 703-1227).

Thank you and God Bless

February 2014 Update:
Click here to download the .pdf (Adobe) version of the combined Capital Campaign and Millennium Building Committee brief presented at the General Assembly on February 16, 2014.

June 2013 Update: Dear Beloved Church Family:

We would like to provide you a brief update on the Special General Assembly held on May 19, 2013. The Millennium Building Committee and Capital Campaign Committee presented their recommendations regarding the building plan, financial plan and proposed schedule for the our new Church facility. Over 130 members of the Community were in attendance at this very important meeting.

The Building Committee discussed the multiple Church and Family Life Center floor plans that were considered, along with the associated costs. Based on the buying power of the Community and their extensive evaluation, the recommended building plan was a cruciform Church with a Chapel and Bell Tower, along with a modular Family Life Center. The estimated total cost of this building plan is approximately $7 million.

The Capital Campaign Committee presented the funding sources and financial plan that would support the construction and operation of the recommended new Church facility. The financial targets for the capital campaign, annual stewardship, annual fundraisers (including a Greek Festival and Golf Tournament) were presented. The requirement to demonstrate a net positive cash flow at the end of each year in order to qualify and secure a loan for construction was also discussed. A schedule was presented which was based on a conservative approach of assessing the status of our financials and our ability to meet targets as time progresses and key decisions are made. The schedule included milestones, financial targets and decisions by the Community for the May 19, 2013 Special General Assembly, along with future Special General Assembly decisions in 2015 (decision to proceed with detailed design work) and 2016 (decision to proceed with securing loan and construction).

The recommendation and motion from the Millennium Building Committee and Capital Campaign Committee to the Community included:

  • Approval of Building Committee recommendation of Church and Family Life Center Building Plan
  • Approval of financial plan and funding scenario
  • Approval of proposed building schedule
  • Approval to launch annual Greek Festival
  • Approval of allocating $555,000 for permitting/wetlands mitigation, clearing/ stabilizing property and installation of minimal utilities
  • Approval of $155,000 authorize our architect, Steve Papadatos, to proceed with design work.
    The motion was amended to include an additional item that under the leadership of Father Milton Magos, the Capital Campaign Committee will initiate an effort to raise an additional $1 million to reduce or Lord willing eliminate the need to secure a loan for the construction of our new Church facility. Valuable discussion and input from the Community followed.

    We are pleased to announce that the St. John the Divine Community unanimously voted to approve this motion to proceed with this initial step on our journey closer to realizing our vision of building our new spiritual home on our beautiful 20-acre property on Beach Boulevard. With God’s blessings, this is the first of several future decisions that will be made by our Community to ensure a conservative and financially responsible approach as we move forward.

    We need everyone, each according to their ability and capacity, to make a financial commitment. To obtain a pledge card contact either the Church Office, Athena Mann at or (904) 563-1786, Steve Bacalis or (904) 703-1227, Father Nicholas, or Father Milton.